Martiny's Magic

Anytime, Anywhere...

All about the man behind Martiny's Magic...

Robin Martin was an NHS employee working in psychiatry, becoming a trained educator and communicator. This experience proved useful when starting a business based on his childhood passion of magic.

Professionally this began with a cruise, then a comedy tour of clubs in the south with Bernie Clifton.

Martiny's combination of good physical skills, acting and comedy made this act unique and ahead of its time.

Robin with card fan

However, it was his love of magic as theatre, and true illusion skills, which facilitated the creation of one of his favourite portrayals, that of Merlin and Morgana at Camelot Theme park and later in the adjacent banqueting Hall. The act was resident for over four years. This has since led to stage shows, events and commercial work countrywide and on the continent, adapting between heritage, commercial and promotional environments - castles, stately homes, shopping centres, educational and workshop projects, alongside enactment, Music Hall, Medieval, Victorian & Dickensian Banquets.

Martiny's in depth research and keen interest in detail contributes to the entertainment value.

For some of Martiny's period work he is joined by assistant Carol Jamison, an actress and director who writes a number of period presentation routines. She has also appeared in TV dramas such as Wire in the Blood, Rebus, Sea of Souls and Taggart.