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Themed Events

Legendary & created characters, historical depictions and interpretive performance, at Martiny's Magic we can provide entertainment for the whole family, whether it be large illusions or street entertainment.

Ranging from the mysterious abilities of Merlin to the illusions of the Victorian masters of magic. Take a look below to find out more.

We offer various packages to suit adults and children for any style of event!

Look on the media page to find video clips of us performing some of the themed acts.

Victorian Vagaries

"By kind invitation of the India Rubber Company, and to demonstrate the miraculous qualities of Parker's Restorative (that panacea for all ills) the celebrated Professor Robin invites you to an afternoon of elegant entertainment."

Mr Robin, Prestidigitator to the courts of Europe and former key figure in the celebrated spectacles of the American Entrepreneur Mr Phineus T Barnum, shall amaze, astound and astonish. Watch as he makes coins appear from nowhere, injuries heal themselves, performs acts of surgery without blood or pain, creates fantastic figures from the product of the India Rubber Company all for you enlightenment and entertainment.

  • Witness Wonders of the East stolen from the lair of the evil Sultan Tippoo!!
  • Marvel at Mysteries of the Orient gifted by Mandarin Emperors!
  • Be amazed as objects disappear and reappear before your eyes!
  • Experience the manipulations inspired by Mr Franz Anton Mesmer!

Georgian & Regency

The Georgian period was a vibrant time of change in history lasting from 1714 till 1830. The period from the early 1800's to about 1830 was also known as the Regency period when Prince of Wales George IV took charge due to the madness of his father King George III.

Lord Robin and Lady Caroline costumed in the finest apparel money can buy. Get set for comedy and mayhem involving the audience and their possesions as they penetrate objects, vanish and transform. Working inside or on the street for walkaround magic with character interaction and miniture illusions.

Captain Robin the barber surgeon and his assistant Nel requests an audience to share his stories of brave deeds and well travelled tails illustrated with his unusual medical cure demonstrations, aided by medicaments from around the world. Perfroming bloodless surgery and eye popping cures.


In history and legend has there been a more enigmatic figure than Merlin - he has captivated the imagination of generations with his mysterious abilities and wisdom.

With meet and greet, Merlin could be the ideal person to welcome your guests at your event or venue imparting wisdom, comic anecdotes and exhibiting small illusions as he circulates amongst the crowds, encouraging them to attend the larger demonstrations of his powers (indoors and out) throughout the day.

In the evenings he can be found at the banquet spellbinding the guests as they participate in his medieval magic with presentations in keeping with the atmosphere of Arthurian times.Specialising in Medieval Festivals, Events, Castles, Walkabouts in character & all kinds of Heritage Work.

Merlin the wizard

Storytelling at events and heritage venues is often designed for small audiences. We wanted to do it differently.We make the ancient legends come alive through the powerful characters of Merlin, illustrated with illusion and effects. You feel the atmosphere, the eyes will widen and you will laugh, learn and be entertained!


"A most renowned doctor, astronomer & charmer also learned worthye in the Alchemical Sciences shall in this daye, in the presence of many doubters and surlye rascals confowned all those present with demonstrations of matyerial transmutions, predictions, concourse with spiryts and displays of alchemical processes."

The Tudor period extends for some 150 years with an enormous number of changes taking place throughout that time. Our presentation is well researched and constructed from a basis of authenticity, taking into account key changes but also without making any sacrifice in terms of entertainment. A number of illusions used have been recorded in contemporary accounts, indeed Reginald Scott (writing in 1584) exposed a lot of the trickery in his attempt to denounce the persecution of men and women under the banner of witchcraft. Our costume is constructed from appropriate materials to the time and designed to reflect the basic elements of the Tudor era rather than be fixed to any single date.

We do use a lot of pyrotechnics in this presentation, and we can perform this indoor or out; all we need is an emerging area as behind the curtains is the workshop where none but the initiated may enter.

Family & Street Entertainment

From the BIGGEST illusions, to traditional favourites and all new creations!

For your Themed Day, Promotion, Festival or Trade Shows. Packages can be for static spots, big or small.

Self contained fit up for out door work with walkaround closeup, audience participation and portable illusions.

  • Levitaions
  • Slicing and Dicing
  • Mind over Matter
  • Russian Roulette!
Robin shows off his silk magic Image of Robin performing close up magic